Friday, December 8, 2017

My New Pillow Fort!

Todays there was no one home at the house, so I decided to have some fun and make myself a fort to hide in away from all the monsters around the house! :)

Currently Wearing:

    - Body: Toddleedoo Baby Girl v4.0.2 HD
    - Head: Toddleedoo Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
    - Shape: Self Made - Not for Sale    
    - Hair: *barberyumyum* 66 (Blond)
    - Nails: Paper Damsels - Flower Nails
    - Rings: Paper Damsels - Ella Bento Rings
    - Ear Muffs - Paper Damsels - Bunbun Earbuffs
        - These Ear Muffs are available over at Paper Damsels Mainstore for The Shop Hop from December 2nd, 2017 through December 9th, 2017! There is MANY colors to choose from and they come with a resize script, so even adults can wear them too! For the December Shop Hop, all you have to do is join The Shop Hop's Group and grab the shopping HUD from the group notices!

    - [Unicorn Cupcake] - Rose
        - This dress is available inside of a gacha over at The Playroom from December 4th for VIP Group or December 5th for Public until December 31st, 2017! The December round will have all the designers that was part of the 2017 to have annual anniversary gifts out too! There is 2 RARES and 8 commons to collect and This dress will fit TD Baby, TD Kid and Bebe Body!  I will post the gacha key below!

Socks: Paper Damsels - Lace Socks
    - These Socks are available over at Ninety-Nine from December 9th, 2017 through December 31st, 2017! There is a whole bunch of colors to choose from over there!

Fort: ~*Buglets*~ Holiday Tree Pillow Fort RARE
    - This Pillow Fort is available inside of a gacha over at The Imaginarium Event For December 2017! There is a total of 9 commons and 1 RARE to collect and also if you play the gacha or make purchases at that designer's booth for a total of 20 times then you get the Gift of Inspiration (Holiday Photo Chair Prop) that I am standing on inside of the picture!

                              Gacha Keys:

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