Monday, April 10, 2017

Shark Bait, Ooo HA HA!

Today I got a new bed and its so cool, its from ~*Buglets*~ and its a shark bed!

Currently Wearing:

    - Body: Toddleedoo Baby Girl v3.2 Bento
    - Head: Toddleedoo Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE   
    - Shape: Self Made - Not for Sale    
    - Hair: *barberyumyum* 90 (Beige)
    - Rings: :BoWillow: Galaxy Ring Set RARE
        - These Rings are available over at Ninety-Nine as a gacha from April 9th, 2017 through April 30th, 2017! There is 12 commons and 6 uncommons. There is also 2 RARE ring sets for left and right hands! The rares come with a texture change HUD to change the birthstone to all the different months! I will post the gacha key below!
    - Necklace: {Tiny Trinkets} Lovebug Jewerly Set
        - This set is available over at ATP Events from April 1st, 2017 through April 25th, 2017! This set includes earrings and necklace. The earrings are not pictured here. The set also comes with a color change HUD with 5 different colors to choose from!

    - Sweatshirt: :BoWillow: Can't Right Meow Sweater
        - This sweater is a new release over at :BoWillow: Mainstore! There is 7 different colors to choose from, each color is 99L or you can get the fatpack for 399L!
                - Includes Baby and Kid Sizes
    - Pants: Enchantique. Payton Ripped Jeans [Medium Blue]
Bed: ~*Buglets*~ Shark Bait Bed
    - This bed is available over at Ninety-Nine from April 9th, 2017 through April 30th, 2017! There is 2 different colors to choose from, a pink one for girls and a blue one for boys!

                                       Gacha Key:

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