Monday, October 24, 2016


So today, the Prenumbra Event started with a ton of Kid and Adult Designers, and I am here to show off {Baby Burp} Kids Store! This outfit is a EXCLUSIVE to only this event and can be found at the Retail Area of the Penumbra Event! :D

Currently Wearing:

    - Body: Toddleedoo Baby Girl
    - Hands: Toddleedoo Hand Poses
    - Head: Bad Seed - Albino Head (With Teeth)
    - Skin: Bad Seed - Emily Creme Tone 
    - Shape: Self Made - Not for Sale
    - Hair: *barberyumyum* Bangs C

    - Outfit: 
        - {Baby Burp} Old Stuffed Teddy Costume EXCLUSIVE
            - Includes: Baby and Kid Sizes
                - Costume

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